twenty sixteen

Let’s dive deep into this
Work of mine, where my impulses hide, low tide.
Where these wires in my mind, intertwine to define the colors I feel, my penned down reel.
Tyrannical chemicals losing control,
error 404, Dopamine isn’t working anymore, I hope I’m in a better place once I leave this shit hole.
Major Bee Rain to Sergeant Hart, nothing’s makin’ sense ( maybe you rn, lmao )
But hey the basis of my nostal-G, will be on this foundry for budding brains, Memories.
Pumped with yellow, feeling blue, what is next? I’ve got no clue.
Understood the working of the X’x, the kings, breaking stereotypes and your brain cells;
Where’s why?

This window through which I see everyday, filter, insert, and repeat my way
I find in dreams what I lack in me, moments of ecstasy.
Maybe it’s just destiny, it was meant to be, this road was so straight but now it’s so wavy.
Required, rewired to think inside the box, fired up, Momma my wings are racing the clocks.
These specks of future that I hold within my veins, to you they remain inane, please explain your disdain.
I shared drinks with saints and condescending dreamers, Godly demeanor

It was confusing, all that new shit, amusements,
Cruising through that nuisance, We was on it, We wanted it

Here’s to the tree that we all have grown up to be, here’s to the leaves that you shed with me, here’s to the seasons we survived, winter and summer with all their might, Here’s to the weeds, those selfish pricks, here’s to my miserable grammar, here’s to everything that helped us raise the bar.

Adam please don’t sue me, here’s to the new me.

My walls are getting red, it’s a fire in my head, will you be fireman, s’il vous plaît.
All I wanna do is be free, have fun.

It’s no new game, new day, we’re ready to play, we aren’t scared.

p.s. {anything I write, is never complete without a short rant XD }
This societal ladder is a high mess so fvk that shit.
all these plastics, dispose of them, flick
approval and shit, we all seek it, lit 🔥
The world doesn’t care ’bout their sob stories, 100 retweets and their clique is out of their meat.
when the year reads twelve and the clocks are ringing their bells, deprived of your powers, it’s the end of your hour, cinderassalamu alaikum, chapter end.

Godspeed, God willing


To The Eggs

To all the eggs, hard on the outside and soft & playful inside

~you are doing just fine.

This poetry shit ain’t for hard people, they don’t cry, they don’t sleep; On the streets.

Cashing in their sweat for paper and, family

This facade they hold, won’t live till eternity

compressing emotions,
Final destination heaven.

The strongest of the batch,
No matter what, they are still people, hard people
Their eyes have seen the world dark and red
Their eyes are filled with oceans of sins,
They still have that mischievous grin, their youth is lost wherein they are lost.

Sad songs don’t make them cry, nostalgia is a metric ton of uncalled for blades piercing through them and this wall they set in their heart separating them from their memories; a savage blast from the past.

Sometimes you reap what you never sowed.

They try their best, lest they let down themselves.

Always limited by a lot of threads pulling on them from every direction. Yet, they are always hanging by A single thread.

As long as the suffering gets old, that wall of pain is painted with passion, pretty bold.

p o l i t I c s

Vision 20/20
Still can’t see the dirty dirty,
Washed in milk
No signs of filth
Hands have killed.

Immune to pain
No losses, only gains
Don’t play the fame game.

The acquisition of a long nose
Is the entry price,
Spend a long time
The money thrice.

Ph.D. in hypocrisy
Now all busy
While the masses dance
To the dance of your lungs,
Take the chance.

It’s all in the game of the tongue,
From every direction
Sugar coated words are flung.

Our sun,
It’s falling down,
Just run around
Don’t let that frown
Go upside down,
Because our sun is falling down
Just run around.


How will you ever know?
Bouncing to and fro
Through this mind o’ yours
Are these recurring images
Flashing back and forth,

You don’t care cus’
You don’t wanna know
What are these illusions?

You try so hard
To stay afar,
These irregularities
Break your heart,
The accumulation
Of these emotions
Collect negative notions.

HWR (12/7/16)

The air reeks of frantic gloom and everyone’s lungs are speaking with death, while their tongues are anti-doom.
There’s no bypass, one way in and another out for some, the final bell has rung, their time has come.
And their stood out, two remnants of happiness, careering through the halls and getting caught in everyone’s eyes, diabolical.
Extenuating circumstances made it unpunishable, for these two to spread happiness, in this lugubrious room.
A sight for some sore eyes, inspiring a whole garden of lost souls, to curve their lips, when life’s fists are going out of control.
It’s so magical, the people nonplussed.

A Broken Song.

And with every scroll
I could see, The truth staring into my eyes.
Life wasn’t supposed to be so complicated, where you yourself are made to be hated.

And with every blink
I understood, that I was just a song that didn’t make any sense.

And with every day gone
I miss an adventure, a melody in my song.

And just like everything
My lyrics make the least of sense, your perception makes the most difference.

And as I try to reach your soul
I can’t be divided into senses
You try your best, To complete this quest that only a few understand.

And as meaning you sight
During this plight,
I’m rediscovered.

I’m a broken song
It won’t take long, all I need is your believing.

Time Is A Weird Concept.

We count our lives by days, we celebrate each landmark in our lives and remember them by dates, we live in the moments. And I’ve come to a conclusion that time is a weird concept.There have been moments where you are stuck for ages, but isn’t a moment supposed to be brief. These moments are so vivid that they stay with you forever and ever.

Times, where you wanted time to go slow, but it ticked away faster than usual, atleast it seemed like it. Why?!

A man is in a coma, how must he feel, he can’t count the days passing by, he’s unconscious, and snap, he wakes up within the blink of an eye, not knowing where he is in time, while everyone was doing what they do, and time just flew.

You are enjoying life and boom! it hits you, it might be some homework left, some thing you shouldn’t have said, but it hits you, time pauses this time, everything is in slo mo and you can feel your stomach being crushed, water trickling down your face.

Universal peace, a thriving jungle, the mighty sun is rising, you just saved the world and you’re in your two minutes of fame, you just felt forever and you hoped it would be forever, but no, snap back to reality again and wake up. You check how long that dream lasted, surprised to find out that it was only a measly 15 minutes, even though it felt like an eternity, like forever.

You can not alter time. Each and everyone of us experience everyday in a different way, with different people, on a different atmosphere and if we were born in a different time, again we would be with different people in a different atmosphere. It’s basically a paradox.

Live in the now. You have a lot to live for and many to inspire.

Random Excerpts from My Brain-Shaped Box. ( #1 )

I can explain how it is Kurry, in another post! 🙏🏻
This RNG was always anti-moi. RNGesus, help pls. The numbers were weird and always reeked of bad. The odds were never in my favor.
The clock ticks away like it’s running for its life. I’m lost in its translation.
Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.
I can only hear in slow motion, I’m dissolving into my bed, particle by particle and BOOM! everything goes black.
This darkness felt like forever, I just felt forever. Its face says rude but its intentions are clean.
Solo, that’s how I roll. Regret was what eventually followed.
In the end you can only preach and it’s the one being preached who chooses what to practice.
As the music slowly sets in and my feet touch the ground again, I realised.
The tv is cranked up to maximum, all worldly noises repelled, ironic. 😉
Most of this might not make sense, life doesn’t make sense, life is a puzzle, and procrastination doesn’t let you solve it.
I sit down to write, waiting for the pen to flow and the mind to glow but nothing moves, mood disapproves.
I miss that hell and I don’t, it’s a complicated relationship.
It’s magical how some people are easily fooled, what’s more amazing was with what grace it was done.
You are a Kawaii princess. 😉
Still dreaming of living in a Polaroid, life runs light speed, and I forget to live in the now, I start to vanish away in between.
Reminiscing about the time I had no time and waited to have time; time to explore, now that time is all fine and dandy, mood has other plans.
Scrolling through old messages, it was mesmerizing how it started with some.
Tumblr posts are my source of energy.
The cell is the powerhouse of portable gadgets.
The darkness starts disappearing, I can see a ray of light, so close yet so far.
And I wake up hoping time to have either blasted into the past or zoomed into the future.
But no, life is not a wish granting factory.

Fading Away.

Your memories slowly fade away. You won’t be able to rue the days, relive, again, rewind and play.

You are on a one way road, the path behind too is dwindling away.

Your mind was a vivid rainbow, losing its grace piece by piece, it too seems monochrome.

I reach deep into your holey mind through the gloom, gripping onto everything you can’t.

Ticking the days away, there is neither past nor future even the present is a difficult puzzle.

You’re starving for reminiscence, stories. I reach deep inside, not for me but to give you yourself again.

You carry a burden to hard to be carried on, I’ll be your strength and this battle we will have won.

A Dangerous Game.

Staying in my paper tent
Contemplating my end,
After I set foot in this
Dark abyss.

A chill or two
Throughout my cage,
Butterflies fly
And I writhe in rage.

Her lips
Got my face in a lunar eclipse.

Dreams of living in a polaroid
All these nights to exploit,
Times running
Sweet loving
You’re all that I need.
Because when it’s you and me
Time ceases to be.

Eternal internal bliss
Dreamlike smile,
No one could resist.

It’s a dangerous game
I am ready to take a leap
There will be no tears
A possible eternal sleep.

A self-deluding masterpiece
You’re the missing piece
The key to extreme peace.