Stay Strong Through It All.

Thinking that you’re not accepted by society,
Puts you in a strange situation,
“What hamartia exists in me?”
It just makes you so skeptic.

These people talk behind your back,
Thinking you’ll never find out,
Walls have ears don’t they know,
Let karma hit them back.

Complimenting you face to face,
But talking bad behind your back,
Thinking you’ll never find out,
Let your smile work as a mace;
Fighting stronger than their words.
Don’t let their words touch your heart,
A gentle touch of their statement,
Can act as a disguised curse.

Society will ridicule you,
You have to stay strong,
You’re one of a kind,
You have your strength and weaknesses,
Of your power, the society has no clue.

Courage is just well concealed fear,
Always remember, “Mind over Matter.”


Be Happy.

In times of depression and despair,

We all need something to make us feel gay,

Whether it be a book or a person,

I don’t care if it can understand my emotions,

A sympathetic conversation from a friend,

Is enough to change the direction of my wind.

A book that I can relate to,

Is enough to make me happy out of the blue.

A poem that appeals to my soul,

Is enough to motivate me towards my goals.

A person to whom I can confide in,

Is enough to make me grin.

A movie which I can watch a hundred times,

Is enough to bring me to my prime.

A million ways to stay happy,

Let’s not make our lives dull and unhappy.


The people around me changed,
Forgot the value of friendship,
And left me in extreme despair.

“Why do bad things happen to good people?”
I asked myself,

Life is a huge roller coaster,
With twists and turns and loops,
I have just passed the first stage,
The rest is yet to come.

It might be wondrous, it might be sorrowful,
But I am ready to face it all.