Random Thoughts (#1)

Someone should open After Effects and put a sky background which is in motion, and insert an Albatross, and replace the Albatross’s head with Ross Geller’s head and play AronChupa’s I’m an Albatraoz in the background.

F— that little mouse ’cause I’m an Albat-ROSS. 🌚☄



The beautiful sunrise,
Birds chirped,
Clouds flew high,
Through the leaves,
Sunlight poked through,
Accentuated her smile.

A tent for two,
Some books and you.

As night approached,
We binge watched and cuddled.

Later on,
On the lonely dark road,
Together we waddled.

It was almost time for sleep,
Beside the cherry tree,
We decided to rest,
She was fast asleep,
And I heard someone calling for me,

And then I realized,
That that perfect memory,
Was the brains beauty,
I had just been awaken,
From a dream,
As perfect as it can be.

Mothers love for a child. (APS Tribute)

“What would you do if I never came back?”
The innocent child asked his mother,
“Say no such things.”
Replied the mother.

If only she had known he’d never come back,
She’d never have sent him to school,
She still remembers his last words,
She mutters to herself,” I’m such a fool.”

Tears flowing down her face,
Having flashbacks from a river of woeful memories,
His martyrdom might have brought her grace,
But left her in a state of misery.

The Eternal Sleep.

Live a serene and virtuous life,
Do not cause Harm,
Do not earn Haram.

Do not slander,
Do not cuss,
Do not be ungrateful.

For it will alter,
Your eternal sleep
Of the grave,
In a very bad way.

All I can tell you,
Is that,
It’ll leave you in eternal pain.

Eat less,
but do not do wrong,
Be strong;
Be brave.

So you can pleasantly rest in;
This world’s sleep,
And also relax comfortably,
In the eternal sleep;
Of the dreaded grave.

We Are The Dreamers.

We are the dreamers,
Lost in a different world,
Thinking of things you can’t imagine,
Lost in our own Dreamworld.

We own the streets 24/7,
No racism, discrimination,
Free from agitation and frustration.

We are the magicians,
That perform this illusion,
Which came to be known as;
A dream.

We make the rules,
We have no government,
Happy for sure we’ll be.

We modify our worlds,
However we wish,
It throws us into a state of bliss.

We dream of the unthinkable,
Put some effort,
And make it possible.

We have no tensions,
No predicaments,
We just live for the;

We are so absorbed by our creation,
We give all we can,
To make that fantasy,
Become a reality, man.

We, the dreamers,
Want to see this earth,
Change from a dangerous and dark place,
To the beautiful and tranquil land we crave.

First World Problems.

If you base your life on the likes you receive,
Your favorites, retweets, views, and tweet reach,
You’ll be thrown into a predicament;
Accompanied by envy, hatred and abhorrence.
Keeping sad thoughts locked in is poison,
Having the right person to confide in is the cure.

Thinking your friend circle will remain eternal,
Albeit they might make you feel fraternal,
Is a great mistake, don’t make it my friend.
You will suffer betrayals and slander,
From the ones you considered dearest.
A few golden friends is all you need,
They’ll be an important step too,
In the path to succeed.

Complaining and whining about your life,
I haven’t got this, I don’t have that,
Never make a fuss on such small things.
Always look below yourself,
God has bestowed you with all necessities needed to survive,
But there are many people barely alive,
Who still find happiness in the small things of life.

In the process of all these things,
Forgetting the ones who matter the most,
Your parents, the ones who taught you to speak,
Using the same tongue to throw tantrums at them,
Your teachers, the ones who taught you all your life,
And repaying them by backanswering them.

The Biggest problem in the modern world,
Is forgetting your values and manners,
While chasing things that never matter.

P.s. You’re Beautiful ❤️ I don’t know, I just wanted to say that. ❤️ Have a Great Day. ❤️