First World Problems.

If you base your life on the likes you receive,
Your favorites, retweets, views, and tweet reach,
You’ll be thrown into a predicament;
Accompanied by envy, hatred and abhorrence.
Keeping sad thoughts locked in is poison,
Having the right person to confide in is the cure.

Thinking your friend circle will remain eternal,
Albeit they might make you feel fraternal,
Is a great mistake, don’t make it my friend.
You will suffer betrayals and slander,
From the ones you considered dearest.
A few golden friends is all you need,
They’ll be an important step too,
In the path to succeed.

Complaining and whining about your life,
I haven’t got this, I don’t have that,
Never make a fuss on such small things.
Always look below yourself,
God has bestowed you with all necessities needed to survive,
But there are many people barely alive,
Who still find happiness in the small things of life.

In the process of all these things,
Forgetting the ones who matter the most,
Your parents, the ones who taught you to speak,
Using the same tongue to throw tantrums at them,
Your teachers, the ones who taught you all your life,
And repaying them by backanswering them.

The Biggest problem in the modern world,
Is forgetting your values and manners,
While chasing things that never matter.

P.s. You’re Beautiful ❤️ I don’t know, I just wanted to say that. ❤️ Have a Great Day. ❤️


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