We Are The Dreamers.

We are the dreamers,
Lost in a different world,
Thinking of things you can’t imagine,
Lost in our own Dreamworld.

We own the streets 24/7,
No racism, discrimination,
Free from agitation and frustration.

We are the magicians,
That perform this illusion,
Which came to be known as;
A dream.

We make the rules,
We have no government,
Happy for sure we’ll be.

We modify our worlds,
However we wish,
It throws us into a state of bliss.

We dream of the unthinkable,
Put some effort,
And make it possible.

We have no tensions,
No predicaments,
We just live for the;

We are so absorbed by our creation,
We give all we can,
To make that fantasy,
Become a reality, man.

We, the dreamers,
Want to see this earth,
Change from a dangerous and dark place,
To the beautiful and tranquil land we crave.


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