Lack Of Faith.

The assessments were nearer
Needed my scrolls to clear ’em,
An old comrade wanted to borrow them,
I searched my bag and gave it to her
We had a pretty uncanny past.

Time to leave
We packed our bags
On parole from the dreaded prison
All aboard the bliss bus
I conspicuously contemplated
I had lent something to a mate.

Awed, I fell to the ground
Laughing very profound
I go back to the place I detested,
Running around,
She was nowhere to be found.

I come back to the happy bus
Take my bag and sit in disgust
All odds against me I check my bag
Only to find out that the scrolls were at hand.

Tears of joy falling down my face
That lass made me feel graced
Restored my faith in all humanity,
I was to be blamed for my imprudence.


Sedated Suicide.

It don’t hurt now
But you’re dying inside
You can’t feel it hurt you
You won’t feel anything,
Anything after some time.

A cough or two
Just for looking cool
It’s burning your flesh
You don’t seem to be distressed
It’s sedated suicide,
It’s just sedated suicide.

Other ways to face your demons
But you chose the one
That ignites them with vigor
It’s sedated suicide,
It’s just sedated suicide.


You’d call when you needed my help
You needed a book
Or a reminder of your worth
I threw myself into this predicament
By investing all my trust in you.

You taught me to follow the right way
You told me never to go astray
Now you’re doing all that stuff
Of which you warned me
It was depressing how you played me
Made my hell worser for me.

I hoped for great things to happen
You just destroyed an innocent soul
There’s no referee for life
Who’d penalize you for your foul.

No matter how much I try
I just can’t forget about the times
When we were like the sun and the moon.

But you made me feel
That I should earn your love
All this time I played the fool.

I was tired of being strong,
Some days the strong too need care.

An Imperial Affliction.

A puzzle it can be
Finding out what this life holds for me
It’s not all doom and gloom
I assure myself
Life stands up and brings me down to my knees.

I’m crying inside, begging for help
All disguised by a priceless smile
Constantly pushed back by the claws of society
I set this trap for myself
But will you be the one to free me?

My mind is caged
My thoughts are foggy
Got to think twice before doing anything
Will you be the one to set my mind free?

My body trembles
My demons roar louder
Suffering extreme affliction within
Will you be the one to help me?

Young And Stupid.

A cold December day, t’was
Innocents souls playing together
So delicate, so naive
It was friendship they craved

Two stood out the most
He was shy and she was brave
An eternity,
They had promised to live together
He was as generous as the sun in the spring
She saw a Romeo in him.

As time passed
Knowledge they gained
Wiser they became but,
Certain circumstances
Caused them to fall apart
No whereabouts of each other
No hellos, no byes
They acted like complete strangers.

He still believed
He could be the spark
To reignite association between them.

She had other cliques,
Forgot about him
Only remembered him
When aid was what she needed.

The phone rung
The boy all ecstatic picked it up
Only to have his expectations destroyed.

She called,
She needed his help
Stole a silver lining
From his cloud.

He was a fool to think that
She must have thought
To intertwine the threads of flaws amongst them.

She had masks to hide
The faces she had,
But he had no choice but to surrender
To the demons
He was waging war against, inside.

A  M E S S.

When studies are killing you and you don’t know what to do 

You realize life’s a mess and you’re too

 The fear of grades inculcated in us, brings out tears of depression

Lost all faith in myself, it’s about time the pen drops down.

Every moment that now passes away

Makes you feel all sorts of brave

Not getting the attention that you crave

You’re just another soul on this world, you’re so naive.

Demise Of A Loved One.

Her words were like a bullet shot into the sky,

Hit you at the most unexpected times,

The day she left, it hurt him more than those bullets,

Because during those days her support was what he compulsorily needed.

Years had passed but her demise, 

On his heart, put a permanent stain,

Inscribed with the ink of love,

One that can’t be simply rubbed away.


The days are near,
When a piece of paper
Will be our biggest fear.
The engine revs up strongly
On the last day
But a million other distractions
Try to keep me at bay.
But I’ve got the eye of the tiger
And nothing’s coming in my way,
I sit down to study
And everything’s turning gray.
Scared and helpless
Makes me pray.
“Oh Lord, Dear Lord,
Help me in these exams, to slay.”


A blast of happiness
Pumping through my body.

Come back to my senses
And snap back to reality.

Can’t walk around at a party.

Uncontrollable lust,
Feeling a little extra horny.

Serotonin decreases,
Depression takes over
Makes me stormy.

Infinite wants
But in a state of affluence,
Makes my thoughts foggy.

“Is that a book?!”
No! It’s a dead tree.

How can I kill him?
Or should I swim across the Arabian Sea?
A bazillion thoughts racing
Should I let them free?

Sleep isn’t a problem,
I can sleep at three
Still wake up early
And be healthy.

Make my self feel better
By showing grandiosity,
Instead putting myself
In a state of inferiority.