Young And Stupid.

A cold December day, t’was
Innocents souls playing together
So delicate, so naive
It was friendship they craved

Two stood out the most
He was shy and she was brave
An eternity,
They had promised to live together
He was as generous as the sun in the spring
She saw a Romeo in him.

As time passed
Knowledge they gained
Wiser they became but,
Certain circumstances
Caused them to fall apart
No whereabouts of each other
No hellos, no byes
They acted like complete strangers.

He still believed
He could be the spark
To reignite association between them.

She had other cliques,
Forgot about him
Only remembered him
When aid was what she needed.

The phone rung
The boy all ecstatic picked it up
Only to have his expectations destroyed.

She called,
She needed his help
Stole a silver lining
From his cloud.

He was a fool to think that
She must have thought
To intertwine the threads of flaws amongst them.

She had masks to hide
The faces she had,
But he had no choice but to surrender
To the demons
He was waging war against, inside.


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