p o l i t I c s

Vision 20/20
Still can’t see the dirty dirty,
Washed in milk
No signs of filth
Hands have killed.

Immune to pain
No losses, only gains
Don’t play the fame game.

The acquisition of a long nose
Is the entry price,
Spend a long time
The money thrice.

Ph.D. in hypocrisy
Now all busy
While the masses dance
To the dance of your lungs,
Take the chance.

It’s all in the game of the tongue,
From every direction
Sugar coated words are flung.

Our sun,
It’s falling down,
Just run around
Don’t let that frown
Go upside down,
Because our sun is falling down
Just run around.



How will you ever know?
Bouncing to and fro
Through this mind o’ yours
Are these recurring images
Flashing back and forth,

You don’t care cus’
You don’t wanna know
What are these illusions?

You try so hard
To stay afar,
These irregularities
Break your heart,
The accumulation
Of these emotions
Collect negative notions.