Sedated Suicide.

It don’t hurt now
But you’re dying inside
You can’t feel it hurt you
You won’t feel anything,
Anything after some time.

A cough or two
Just for looking cool
It’s burning your flesh
You don’t seem to be distressed
It’s sedated suicide,
It’s just sedated suicide.

Other ways to face your demons
But you chose the one
That ignites them with vigor
It’s sedated suicide,
It’s just sedated suicide.


D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R .

A catastrophe
Thousands ceased to be
Lost amongst the soil
Their bodies left to rot.
Still carries its legacy
In the form of harm
It was within moments
There was no time for alarms.

Micro sieverts going high
Poison flying in the sky.

Embracing the change
Not complaining
Acting like nothing has changed.

Demise Of A Loved One.

Her words were like a bullet shot into the sky,

Hit you at the most unexpected times,

The day she left, it hurt him more than those bullets,

Because during those days her support was what he compulsorily needed.

Years had passed but her demise, 

On his heart, put a permanent stain,

Inscribed with the ink of love,

One that can’t be simply rubbed away.