Teenage Dream.

Sometimes it might feel as if I don’t care
Like I’m just slipping away
It might feel greater than you can bear
I’m incomplete,
Without you.

You drove me through this hell
On a friend-ship,
When we first met
Things weren’t so swell,
Time changes everything
This spell’s strengthening
Came in like a huge bombshell.

Two rebels without a cause
Our life wasn’t for fancy cars,
We’ll be happy with our dirty paws.

We have our differences
We are a sum of our foolish experiences.

We are living the teenage dream,
As long as it’s you and me
Making the little Barbies steam,
All they can do is daydream.

Our hate for them will never fade.
They’ll never defeat us,
As long as we’re walking in each other’s shade.

Because we’re living the teenage dream, baby,
We know nothing of the word maybe
We’ll be running in this hell till we’re eighty
Our body all old and achy,
We will still be racy,
I don’t care,
‘Cus we’re living the teenage dream, baby.



The beautiful sunrise,
Birds chirped,
Clouds flew high,
Through the leaves,
Sunlight poked through,
Accentuated her smile.

A tent for two,
Some books and you.

As night approached,
We binge watched and cuddled.

Later on,
On the lonely dark road,
Together we waddled.

It was almost time for sleep,
Beside the cherry tree,
We decided to rest,
She was fast asleep,
And I heard someone calling for me,

And then I realized,
That that perfect memory,
Was the brains beauty,
I had just been awaken,
From a dream,
As perfect as it can be.