A  M E S S.

When studies are killing you and you don’t know what to do 

You realize life’s a mess and you’re too

 The fear of grades inculcated in us, brings out tears of depression

Lost all faith in myself, it’s about time the pen drops down.

Every moment that now passes away

Makes you feel all sorts of brave

Not getting the attention that you crave

You’re just another soul on this world, you’re so naive.



The days are near,
When a piece of paper
Will be our biggest fear.
The engine revs up strongly
On the last day
But a million other distractions
Try to keep me at bay.
But I’ve got the eye of the tiger
And nothing’s coming in my way,
I sit down to study
And everything’s turning gray.
Scared and helpless
Makes me pray.
“Oh Lord, Dear Lord,
Help me in these exams, to slay.”