White Noise.

I need to love more, work more,
If all I want is good.
I, myself, make it hard; to let myself go
My fearfulness hurts me
Like a hungry predator.
Pain is real, but so is hope
I used to laugh at my hearts plight,
Now nothing, could even make me smile.
Everything has a need for patience
Hope is what keeps us alive,
You’re drowning
But it’s too early to die
This is just the calm before the storm,
Everyone says you will be fine
In deafening silence
You can always rinse the surface but the stain will shine.
We are the devils
Let’s kill our fears and dance in death tonight.

x-x A tad bit of MIW influence.🌞 x-x


A Confusing Lie.

That’s what life is
What once mattered the most
In a maze of memories is lost.

Always thinking of putting yourself
In someone else’s shoes
Inculcating thoughts of being obsolete.

Fighting for something that never was yours
Slowly but surely
Losing their sight,
Under your radar.

Afraid to be loved
Afraid to be remembered,

Demise Of A Loved One.

Her words were like a bullet shot into the sky,

Hit you at the most unexpected times,

The day she left, it hurt him more than those bullets,

Because during those days her support was what he compulsorily needed.

Years had passed but her demise, 

On his heart, put a permanent stain,

Inscribed with the ink of love,

One that can’t be simply rubbed away.


The beautiful sunrise,
Birds chirped,
Clouds flew high,
Through the leaves,
Sunlight poked through,
Accentuated her smile.

A tent for two,
Some books and you.

As night approached,
We binge watched and cuddled.

Later on,
On the lonely dark road,
Together we waddled.

It was almost time for sleep,
Beside the cherry tree,
We decided to rest,
She was fast asleep,
And I heard someone calling for me,

And then I realized,
That that perfect memory,
Was the brains beauty,
I had just been awaken,
From a dream,
As perfect as it can be.