How will you ever know?
Bouncing to and fro
Through this mind o’ yours
Are these recurring images
Flashing back and forth,

You don’t care cus’
You don’t wanna know
What are these illusions?

You try so hard
To stay afar,
These irregularities
Break your heart,
The accumulation
Of these emotions
Collect negative notions.


HWR (12/7/16)

The air reeks of frantic gloom and everyone’s lungs are speaking with death, while their tongues are anti-doom.
There’s no bypass, one way in and another out for some, the final bell has rung, their time has come.
And their stood out, two remnants of happiness, careering through the halls and getting caught in everyone’s eyes, diabolical.
Extenuating circumstances made it unpunishable, for these two to spread happiness, in this lugubrious room.
A sight for some sore eyes, inspiring a whole garden of lost souls, to curve their lips, when life’s fists are going out of control.
It’s so magical, the people nonplussed.

A Broken Song.

And with every scroll
I could see, The truth staring into my eyes.
Life wasn’t supposed to be so complicated, where you yourself are made to be hated.

And with every blink
I understood, that I was just a song that didn’t make any sense.

And with every day gone
I miss an adventure, a melody in my song.

And just like everything
My lyrics make the least of sense, your perception makes the most difference.

And as I try to reach your soul
I can’t be divided into senses
You try your best, To complete this quest that only a few understand.

And as meaning you sight
During this plight,
I’m rediscovered.

I’m a broken song
It won’t take long, all I need is your believing.

A Dangerous Game.

Staying in my paper tent
Contemplating my end,
After I set foot in this
Dark abyss.

A chill or two
Throughout my cage,
Butterflies fly
And I writhe in rage.

Her lips
Got my face in a lunar eclipse.

Dreams of living in a polaroid
All these nights to exploit,
Times running
Sweet loving
You’re all that I need.
Because when it’s you and me
Time ceases to be.

Eternal internal bliss
Dreamlike smile,
No one could resist.

It’s a dangerous game
I am ready to take a leap
There will be no tears
A possible eternal sleep.

A self-deluding masterpiece
You’re the missing piece
The key to extreme peace.

The Antidote.

Let it out
Let it go
Just go with the flow.

This is a one way stream
You row your boat
Let nature do its job
Keep yourself afloat.

Don’t let the poison spread
A tear or two
You might shed,
Find the antidote
In the same kind of boat.

One chance
The stream goes on
With or without you
Let bygones be bygones.

Your past
Is chasing you
The end can be seen
You are burning blue
You’re now immune
Nothing can stop you.

Teenage Dream.

Sometimes it might feel as if I don’t care
Like I’m just slipping away
It might feel greater than you can bear
I’m incomplete,
Without you.

You drove me through this hell
On a friend-ship,
When we first met
Things weren’t so swell,
Time changes everything
This spell’s strengthening
Came in like a huge bombshell.

Two rebels without a cause
Our life wasn’t for fancy cars,
We’ll be happy with our dirty paws.

We have our differences
We are a sum of our foolish experiences.

We are living the teenage dream,
As long as it’s you and me
Making the little Barbies steam,
All they can do is daydream.

Our hate for them will never fade.
They’ll never defeat us,
As long as we’re walking in each other’s shade.

Because we’re living the teenage dream, baby,
We know nothing of the word maybe
We’ll be running in this hell till we’re eighty
Our body all old and achy,
We will still be racy,
I don’t care,
‘Cus we’re living the teenage dream, baby.


She only asked for a new beginning.

The way her sins were spread around
Like an epidemic,
Words are usually lost
In the stream of the mind
Did you know her life they’d cost?

The way she was objectified
Threw around
Her tragedies buried deep,
It’s not easy going on
The road ahead is very steep.
Leave everything behind
And move on,
Embrace the change,
Welcoming warmly the fact
That the next step was
Early Eternal Sleep.

The way she was pressurized
She had made up her mind
There was no going back
No one to confide,
She from herself would hide.

Her situation was dire
Her last resort she had pushed aside
No matter how much she tried
The words just won’t come out right.

Don’t be shy
To say hi,
You could’ve saved her life
We might have strifes.
For the perfect time.
Now she was just gone
After her 15 minutes of fame,
Please impute them for this crime.

For something she never did,
Her heart was broken
Then stomped on by him.
Her faith in humanity
Was already dwindling
He came by to rub salt in her wound.

Then came another,
The root,
You did it all as a joke
And looted from a burning home.

Sorry for doing
Everything even she didn’t know she did,
For putting on you a burden,
So big.

  • ( 13 reasons why has been a huge inspiration for this. That book will stay with me forever  { I hope so } ) ❤️

Moonlight Serenade.

She’s a beautiful mess inside
Lost in a world of her own
Where she wears the crown
She got no flaws to hide.

So caught up in her thoughts,
They’re like a cloud
On which she floats.

I follow behind her
In her strong sillage,
A broken man
Lead into her heart.

She walks on this earth with pride,
In her eyes
Brightly pied,
I could see the universe
I’d just get unnerved.

When the sky is clear
And goes away the night
She then too shines very, very bright
And my heart,
She smites.

She’s so disparate,
In good spirits
And sublime.

Like the sun’s apricity
In winter,
Her caress,
Brings me immense amenity.


They were the triggers to my mind
A Himalayan blunder,
How could I be so blind
I became confined
I wish this clock I could unwind,
Go back in time
Fix everything
If only life was so kind
And you I had declined
All the pieces to my life would be perfectly aligned.
We were like threads,
If we just hadn’t entwined
Only for it to break
By a masked snake
It all just fell behind,
There were no window blinds
You had to go against the wind,
I took your offer kind.


We all are like forests
A spark is all that’s needed
To bring down these fighters.

Our bodies react
Withering away with each spark
We all want this fire to get extinguished
But we are scared of getting burnt.

I chose to be a firefighter
Been putting out other fires
While the savage combustion
Within me
Cause my innocent roots to decline.

Forever poisoned,
Ashes remain
Making me a wise man
Who is just dead inside.