My Existence.

The entirety of my freshman year
I was like an apparition
Roamed through the gloomy corridors
Each with its own moans.

Tried to create a good impression
Staggered by the fear of slander and depression.

Victim of abnegation
Friendly abstention
Causing a series of awkward interviews and abreactions
I was an aberration
Craving for affection
Lacking the power of captivation.

Constantly castigated
For a choice I never made,
My life was a puzzle
Longing for coligation.

Harsh words used to hit very hard
No companion to comfort me like, fomentation.

Another despondent soul



A blast of happiness
Pumping through my body.

Come back to my senses
And snap back to reality.

Can’t walk around at a party.

Uncontrollable lust,
Feeling a little extra horny.

Serotonin decreases,
Depression takes over
Makes me stormy.

Infinite wants
But in a state of affluence,
Makes my thoughts foggy.

“Is that a book?!”
No! It’s a dead tree.

How can I kill him?
Or should I swim across the Arabian Sea?
A bazillion thoughts racing
Should I let them free?

Sleep isn’t a problem,
I can sleep at three
Still wake up early
And be healthy.

Make my self feel better
By showing grandiosity,
Instead putting myself
In a state of inferiority.