A Broken Song.

And with every scroll
I could see, The truth staring into my eyes.
Life wasn’t supposed to be so complicated, where you yourself are made to be hated.

And with every blink
I understood, that I was just a song that didn’t make any sense.

And with every day gone
I miss an adventure, a melody in my song.

And just like everything
My lyrics make the least of sense, your perception makes the most difference.

And as I try to reach your soul
I can’t be divided into senses
You try your best, To complete this quest that only a few understand.

And as meaning you sight
During this plight,
I’m rediscovered.

I’m a broken song
It won’t take long, all I need is your believing.


An Imperial Affliction.

A puzzle it can be
Finding out what this life holds for me
It’s not all doom and gloom
I assure myself
Life stands up and brings me down to my knees.

I’m crying inside, begging for help
All disguised by a priceless smile
Constantly pushed back by the claws of society
I set this trap for myself
But will you be the one to free me?

My mind is caged
My thoughts are foggy
Got to think twice before doing anything
Will you be the one to set my mind free?

My body trembles
My demons roar louder
Suffering extreme affliction within
Will you be the one to help me?


The beautiful sunrise,
Birds chirped,
Clouds flew high,
Through the leaves,
Sunlight poked through,
Accentuated her smile.

A tent for two,
Some books and you.

As night approached,
We binge watched and cuddled.

Later on,
On the lonely dark road,
Together we waddled.

It was almost time for sleep,
Beside the cherry tree,
We decided to rest,
She was fast asleep,
And I heard someone calling for me,

And then I realized,
That that perfect memory,
Was the brains beauty,
I had just been awaken,
From a dream,
As perfect as it can be.